War of the Worlds

HG Wells - War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds was a Novel by HG Wells, but the War of the Worlds that I am interested in is the radio broadcast that took place on October 30, 1938. The show involved a host of different participants that acted the story of martians invading earth, but what radiolab shows us is the development up to the point of panic. The Hindenburg had just crashed and resentment towards Germans were increasing. These plus many different variables began to generate the chaos that was the war of the worlds. FCC president at the time was quoted calling the radio show an “act of terorism.” Again, this concept was reanacted in equador, where in which the aftermath was violent. It led to mass hysteria and riot which led to the burning of the radio station, leaving 6 people dead. I find these terms and reactions to be interesting, in the sense that a certain media channel has the ability to create such paranoia, chaos and distress. In a world of a mass decentralized network, is this possible to occur again?



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