Nonlethal Weapon

95 GHz-millimeter-wave directed energy

A new nonlethal weapon developed by the military has been certified for use in Iraq. It uses a 94GHz (=3mm wavelength) to create a burning sensation on the skin, so unbearable that it makes its victims runaway.

“The crowd is getting ugly. Soldiers roll up in a Hummer. Suddenly, the whole right half of your body is screaming in agony. You feel like you’ve been dipped in molten lava. You almost faint from shock and pain, but instead you stumble backwards — and then start running. To your surprise, everyone else is running too. In a few seconds, the street is completely empty.”


One response to “Nonlethal Weapon

  1. The beam produces what experimenters call the “Goodbye effect,” or “prompt and highly motivated escape behavior.”

    Nice choice of words.

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