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timeline of the universe

Timeline of the Universe (NASA)

” The far left depicts the earliest moment we can now probe, when a period of “inflation” produced a burst of exponential growth in the universe. (Size is depicted by the vertical extent of the grid in this graphic.) For the next several billion years, the expansion of the universe gradually slowed down as the matter in the universe pulled on itself via gravity. More recently, the expansion has begun to speed up again as the repulsive effects of dark energy have come to dominate the expansion of the universe. The afterglow light seen by WMAP was emitted about 380,000 years after inflation and has traversed the universe largely unimpeded since then. The conditions of earlier times are imprinted on this light; it also forms a backlight for later developments of the universe.”



Satellite Surveillance

Power and Alliances    As surveillance technology becomes smaller and cheaper, large corporations are gaining more control over space.  Presence in space has long been equivalent with power on Earth because it increases control over political, economic, and military landscapes.  In the YB LE DN system, the Nation-State and its boundaries will no longer be prevalent, it is the PMC (private military company) in control of advanced technologies that will have power.

satellite constellation: When 2 or more organizations partner across borders in order to allow for constant monitoring of a certain region as their satellites orbit the earth.

Turkey  New satellite technologies could be “especially meaningful for a country like Turkey which has a large area for natural resources monitoring and development, as well as a sensitive geopolitical position which makes it important to observe the region for security and defense.” – from the article The Place of Small Satellites In Fulfilling The Earth Observation Requirements of a Developing Country

DARPA’s Transparent Earth initiative  The Pentagon is investing $4 million into the creation of real-time, 3-D maps that display “the physical, chemical and dynamic properties of the earth down to 5 kilometer depth.” Detecting sub-surface activities would allow for early responses to dramatic natural disasters, but also targeting enemies in UGF’s (underground facilities). Depending on who gets their hands on the technology, this greater transparency could also amount to stealing natural resources .  Check it out on WIRED.

Image from Danger Room

Total transparency will be the result of all these systems (synthetic aperture radar, optical, video, acoustic sensors, moving target indicators) forming a network (or constellation) to provide real-time information on military operations, hidden agencies, geographic substrates, climate, etc.

DARPA wants to use these technologies in addition to crowdsourcing to enhance the knowledge of the system.  But, they also feel crowdsourcing would provide validation – drawing on as many sources as possible provides “validation in environments that may be partially compromised by adversaries.”